• Who Are We?

    We are honored to have this opportunity to share with you a little bit of our history, Primewerks (Xiamen) Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned foreign enterprise, a subsidiary of KHAL International (S) Pte Ltd, a Singaporean company founded in 2005. Since that time, we have been a manufacturer of wrought Iron stair parts.


  • How should wrought iron railings be maintained?

    Generally speaking, when we are decorating, we go back to the balcony to install the guardrail, because of the beautiful appearance, it is especially favored by consumers. It will also be installed on the spiral staircase and second floor of the loft apartment. But wrought iron items are prone to...

  • How to prevent iron railings from becoming rusty?

    If the iron art guardrail appears rust phenomenon, it can be solved according to the following method: 1). Anti-corrosion paint can be applied to the surface of the fence before use, which can reduce the rust of the fence. 2). Use an acidic liquid when removing rust on the fence surface. 3). Gaso...

  • Can the iron railings be painted with varnish?

    Refurbished iron railings are more suitable for magnetic paint. Magnetic paint is also known as porcelain paint. It is with varnish as the base material, add pigment grind made, coating after drying is magnetic and light color and coated film hard, commonly used phenolic magnetic paint and alcoho...