• Who Are We?

    We are honored to have this opportunity to share with you a little bit of our history, Primewerks (Xiamen) Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned foreign enterprise, a subsidiary of KHAL International (S) Pte Ltd, a Singaporean company founded in 2005. Since that time, we have been a manufacturer of wrought Iron stair parts.


  • How to remove the rust from the iron railing?

    1. Manual rust removal: Using manual tools such as iron paper, scraper, spatula, and wire brush. This method is high labor intensity, low production efficiency, but simple and flexible operation, is still adopted. 2. Mechanical rust removal: Using the impact and friction of mechanical power to r...

  • What’s the spacing between the railings is really safe?

    Railings are widely used in our life to multiple occasions, there is spacing between railings, and so what should be the safe spacing between railings on different occasions?  1.  Type of railings: The requirements for different railings are certainly different. And the railings may be divided in...

  • Introduction of the Common Iron Art railing Sparaying Method

    Introduction of the common iron art railing spraying method The color method of iron railing can be roughly divided into color profile extrusion method, composite extrusion method, film coating method and surface bite legal.  1) Color Profile Extrusion Method. Also known as the whole-body extrus...